Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give me your best guess...

Well, we are keeping very busy as usually friends. I am trying to do as many things with the kids that I can since I know it will be much more difficult once we have our third. I am officially in nesting mode...poor Luke is probably grateful I didn't nest quite like this with the other 2....Here are the major changes we have made/are making:

-Luke traded in his BMW for a minivan...poor guy...yes, that's right readers...a minivan. Yes, I swore
I'd never drive one and we avoided it at all cost, but it was really the only option and
guess what? I like it...a lot!
-We painted our entire upstairs (finally)
-We are getting new carpet (HOORAY) many of you know what an eye sore that has been for me
-And....drumroll....we are redoing our kitchen and laundry room floor. Oh, I'm so happy!
I am going to feel like I'm in a new house (well except for the whole space issue).
Someone asked me if we had the 7 year marriage itch we we don't at all, but my goodness we
are making a lot of changes! Everything (Lord willing) should be finished before the newest
munchkin arrives...

Little Lake Fun

James had a great time giving himself a glorified spa treatment of a sand bath. He had so much fun covering himself and then washing off.

I'm sorry for the organization of my pictures. I have NO idea
what has happened and how to fix them so I'm leaving them just the way they are. We took the kids to a little beach over the weekend and had such a great time! This is the first time Luke has gone with me when we've taken the kids to the beach. We had such a great time playing and being a little family. I loved every second of it...well, other than the fact that toward the end I was light headed and short of breath ;(

Luke made them their own water holes which they both just loved playing in. Lots of other kids thought they were cool too and tried to join them a few times.

Always fun watching them together.

Pregnancy Pictures-3rd times the charm...
My favorite photographer (Darcy) who has taken the pictures on several other occasions did my pregnancy pictures. She got LOTS of them and there are some really neat ones. I am including some of my favorites, but if you want to see all of them I will have to send you the web album.
My belly is ginormous! I do love that she got so many pictures of Luke and I together. After all...he is the baby-daddy :)

James is usually loving on my belly many times throughout the day. When it came to picture time there were too many other things he wanted to do like hunt for turtles.

This was the most difficult any family picture has ever been to get. The kids, especially Lauren, didn't have any interest in sitting long enough to get a picture. So...this is the best we could do. It's so "them" and so "us."

So, I am 35 1/2 weeks...YIKES! I cannot believe that the birth of this baby is literally right around the corner. I get scared every so often, but we're excited. I am officially entering the uncomfortable stage. Bending down or having the kids sit next to me while I read them books/jab, poke, and crawl on my belly is agonizing. I don't remember it being this difficult last time around. Sleeping is officially impossible, but other than that I really do feel good!

So.....I'm taking a poll since who knows when I will post again... What do you think the sex of this baby is? Be sure to leave a comment and give me your opinion. I've always thought girl. My sister said based on the torpedo coming out of my stomach...she thinks it's a boy :) Happy guessing!