Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A brief recap and a few favorites...

We have been very busy over the last several weeks as many of you have as well...Here are just some of the things that have kept us busy. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of these holiday festivities and just being a family making many precious memories!!
Christmas Tree Shopping

We went to The Chief again this year for a tree, but it was absolutely frigid that night and despite our attempt to bundle the kids up, the wind was relentless. We found a tree....quickly...very quickly...
Poor James....it was C.O.L.D. I felt terrible for him. This was his face after 2 minutes out of the van...literally...Lauren didn't care as much, but this expression was frozen to her face the entire time.
James was reenacting the man cutting the trunk off with is own chainsaw version. It was pretty sweet. Look closely and you can see Luke's big, work glove on too. His hand is in there somewhere ;)
I love watching the kids decorate the tree. Although, there were about 25 bulbs in a 5 inch radius :) We left it like that until we hosted Christmas. I figured I'd spread them out a bit.

Cooking Baking....We didn't do our annual cookie baking party with my sisters and the kids this year. It has just been a crazy kind of year. The kids loved doing everything with me and I sure enjoyed it although I had to pick out a few egg shells and had a lovely dusting of flour all over me.
Almost the favorite part....the frosting, sprinkles, and eating of the cookies won by a bit.

Christmas Eve in their new Christmas JammiesThis picture sums up what these 3 precious kiddos look like many times. James and Lauren are constantly lovin' on Graham. He is one lucky, little boy!

Lauren giving Daddy his good morning kiss on Christmas morning.Christmas morning family picture right before opening presents. The self-timer did a pretty good job!

Ahhh...the snow fun!!!!!
James got a new "James size shovel" as he calls it for Christmas and was thrilled that we drove home in a blizzard and he was able to use it. He has shoveled the driveway many times over the last few weeks!

Lauren loved being pulled in the sled and they enjoyed going down the hill in the back yard. I wasn't able to trek through the snow to get pictures of that...hopefully soon.

They have built 3 snowmen, just to be destroyed when they are finished. I guess that's a boy for ya and a girl who follows everything her brother does ;) So much fun and such great memories!

Last, but not least....my sweet, precious baby boy turned 3 months! Wow, it truly does go faster with every baby! LOVE HIM!!!!!

He smiles and talks to us lots and lots. He would prefer to be entertained by one of us than a toy. The kids both get so excited when the see the monitor lights blinking because that means he is up. And when he fusses they take turns trying to bring him different toys. It's really one of the most precious sights for me as a mama.

He loves his fists and hands. He knocks out his pacifier to get to them. They're often times pink from being sucked on...

Lauren has just become a little mommy to Graham. She loves to snuggle with him, give him things, and tries to pacify him when he's upset. He has brought us so much joy. We're dealing with some minor bumps right now. He's pretty small, so we're trying to supplement a bottle each day of formula to see if that increases his weight. But, he vomits terribly when he takes a bottle. We're trying to figure out if it's the formula or the bottle. We are getting ready to try reflux medicine as well...he doesn't sleep well at all and we don't know if that's due to his size or anything else that's going on...Pray for us if you think of it. It's tough to know how much to push and when to continue asking questions and try new things. He is just the best! I adore him!!! :)

We are so blessed by fantastic family who love and support us, great friends, healthy, vibrant kids and an awesome God who we celebrate during this season. We have so much to be grateful for.