Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lauren- 15 months

15 MONTHS....Wow!!!
Let's just say this picture/face sums up Lauren at 15 months!!!!
Look at this little attitude! I wish I could capture all of her stares and dirty looks. She's got 4 that she uses/misuses regularly! We love her dearly, but this one his a little hot-head!!! She is happy and sweet the majority of the time, but when she doesn't get what she wants, you'd better
This is her, "You are all a bunch of idiots look." Real cute huh??? :0

She is not saying a lot of words, but she loves to mimic sounds and laughs which is pretty cute. She has mastered, "hot, uh-oh, and dadda." She is just precious though. She makes many sounds and gets on her cell phone and rambles on and on, but we aren't sure what she's saying.
Other Lauren facts at 15 months:
*FOOD- this girl can out eat James and often times eats at LEAST what I do for a meal!
It's crazy!
*She loves to mimic things we do...dances, sounds, motions, and anything James does.
She tries to play with James' toys the same way he does.
*She HATES being confined. Grocery shopping is torture for all of us (other shoppers included) because she simply doesn't want to be contained. This also means she screams in the
car pretty much anytime she is in it. Booo......
*She has a little temper and is very dramatic. She swings at us (with both hands) and sometimes tries to gouge our eyes out...really...We've had to start time outs in the pack in play. Boy it's
interesting I tell ya...James was difficult in such different ways than she is....I have a feeling our
parenting is going to be much different for these two...
*She is very sweet....the majority of the time and loves to just prance around the house.
*She loves music and dancing.
*She loves being read to...a lot and anything.
*She is also very interested in animals....just like her brother.
*She doesn't enjoy her naps very much. She goes down well, but isn't sleeping
long. She averages about at hour and half (many times less) which at 15 months just simply isn't enough! She is ready to get up at P-A-R-T-Y!!!
*She LOVES the people she loves....she just melts when she gets to spend
time with the grandparents and loves to be with Luke. She loves to snuggle
and is always up for lots of affection.
Well, that's our not-so-baby girl in a nutshell! We just adore her!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A couple weeks worth....

Here is a bit about what we have been doing here in the Carpenter household....I have been such a terrible blogger lately and maybe this first picture will give you some insight as to why....although most of you know this by now...the first thing on our list of things we've been doing...making babies...(is that appropriate to say) :0

Yes, baby #3 should be joining us sometime around mid September. We are very excited! I am just about 9 weeks although I look like I'm about 16 weeks! I am showing SO much sooner than I did with my other 2. I was trying to find the picture of my 23 weeks pregnant with Lauren to show you that I am literally the same size now...a bit depressing...but hey, what can you do?

So how am I feeling? Well, I am very tired! Again, more tired than I remember being with the other two, but part of that could be because I have 2 munchkins to care for and I am tutoring a lot more. I have been trying to get about 9 hours of sleep a night which feels great and helps me survive my days. Poor Luke the time I get James down to bed, I'm ready to C.R.A.S.H!!!! I also don't feel as great as I did with the other 2. I am nauseous in the middle of the night and must force myself to eat immediately when I wake up. But once I eat I usually have a terrible stomach ache...vicious circle right now I tell ya!!! I am not complaining though all of you pukers out there, but it isn't much fun to feel yucky!!! So, really this baby growing inside of me is part of my lack of blogs. I just don't have the time and when I have the "time" I just don't have the energy.
We've Been Playing...

So, it's either been a blizzard outside or freezing cold this winter so we haven't spent much time outside. During our warm up (before the snow melted) James got to play outside and enjoyed that a lot! We played out a lot over the weekend too, and I'm pretty sure Lauren is going to love the outdoors and much as James does! She threw a tantrum each time we brought her inside. This summer is going to be so much fun! Seriously! I can't wait!

We nixed James' "paci"

We always said we didn't really care if James' kept his pacifier until he was 3. That's when his doctor said the limit is. may be judging me right now...but we just got rid of them. This is a picture of him sending them away to the pacifier fairy. That night the fairy sent him exactly what he wanted in return (imagine that!) :) A big horse and some bathtub paints.It went much better than I had anticipated and had only one night of 3 solid hours of crying! Not bad...seeing that he's had that thing for 3 YEARS!!!!!

We're Growing Hair... Well at least Lauren is! Aren't' her little pigtails adorable! She HATES when I put them in or do anything with her hair. Very could I have a daughter that doesn't want her hair done?!?!!? Doesn't she look even bigger with them in?! I love them!

We're feeding our many animals....

James has been feeding his animals at his meals and snacks. Just today he was feeding the cows and horses spaghetti noodles. I love listening to him and watching him. It cracks me up! He tells them he knows they don't like what he's giving them...that they just eat grass and apples. Guess he figures we force him to try things he doesn't like so he will inflict this same pain on something else!

We're Working on our Budget...
and Lauren is our helper! She sat on the ground for a solid 45 minutes one morning putting money in James' piggy bank. She loved it and I was fascinated with her fine motor skills being
able to get those coins in that tiny slot. When her coins were gone she would dump them out and start over again! She loves these kinds of activities and thankfully James only ripped the bank out of her hands twice before "sharing."

We're doing some spring cleaning...
If this is what you call cleaning! haha...James has both shop vacs in the house right now and he just carts them around. Today he was sweeping and mopping off the large one.
He just kept telling me he was cleaning it and I said, "Good for you baby!"
Just because...
I HAD to include this picture to give you all a good laugh! James somehow thought for SURE
Lauren would want to see his shop vacs as soon as she woke up this morning. I mean, why not right??? Here he
is carting them in and telling her all about them. Of course she just laughs and squeals
which completely confirms him!!! Oh the shop vacs!!! Notice BOTH of them in there???
We are LOVING being a family I'm telling you...these 2 are inseparable! That is unless James is trying to build a fence for his animals out of blocks and Lauren insists on knocking it down. But they really, truly adore each other! It is amazing! I am not sure she's going to fair so well when we send James to preschool
next year. She is just bored without him! I love it and am excited to add another to the bunch! They are always hugging and kissing each other! My favorite is when Lauren wraps her little
arms around James' neck and attempts to kiss him and James just melts! He says," She loves me!"
Again...I know this is long...but that is our life right now in a nutshell!!!!