Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lauren- 15 months

15 MONTHS....Wow!!!
Let's just say this picture/face sums up Lauren at 15 months!!!!
Look at this little attitude! I wish I could capture all of her stares and dirty looks. She's got 4 that she uses/misuses regularly! We love her dearly, but this one his a little hot-head!!! She is happy and sweet the majority of the time, but when she doesn't get what she wants, you'd better
This is her, "You are all a bunch of idiots look." Real cute huh??? :0

She is not saying a lot of words, but she loves to mimic sounds and laughs which is pretty cute. She has mastered, "hot, uh-oh, and dadda." She is just precious though. She makes many sounds and gets on her cell phone and rambles on and on, but we aren't sure what she's saying.
Other Lauren facts at 15 months:
*FOOD- this girl can out eat James and often times eats at LEAST what I do for a meal!
It's crazy!
*She loves to mimic things we do...dances, sounds, motions, and anything James does.
She tries to play with James' toys the same way he does.
*She HATES being confined. Grocery shopping is torture for all of us (other shoppers included) because she simply doesn't want to be contained. This also means she screams in the
car pretty much anytime she is in it. Booo......
*She has a little temper and is very dramatic. She swings at us (with both hands) and sometimes tries to gouge our eyes out...really...We've had to start time outs in the pack in play. Boy it's
interesting I tell ya...James was difficult in such different ways than she is....I have a feeling our
parenting is going to be much different for these two...
*She is very sweet....the majority of the time and loves to just prance around the house.
*She loves music and dancing.
*She loves being read to...a lot and anything.
*She is also very interested in animals....just like her brother.
*She doesn't enjoy her naps very much. She goes down well, but isn't sleeping
long. She averages about at hour and half (many times less) which at 15 months just simply isn't enough! She is ready to get up at P-A-R-T-Y!!!
*She LOVES the people she loves....she just melts when she gets to spend
time with the grandparents and loves to be with Luke. She loves to snuggle
and is always up for lots of affection.
Well, that's our not-so-baby girl in a nutshell! We just adore her!


Nichole said...

She is developing a little personality isn't she. How adorable are those faces. It can't be too went for number three. lol.

Beka Dean said...

that first picture, the one with the attitude.....that look came straight from her mom! no doubt about it! :)

love you, shel!

Elizabeth said...

she is so stinking cute! love that face... amazing how much drama comes with little girls huh?
my T (21 months) eats way more than her 4 yr old brother too. I have no idea where she puts it.. but I guess the fact that she NEVER stops moving keeps her slim! is she in to babies yet??? if not its only a matter of time =)