Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey! We're havin' a good time...

Ahhh....this weather is just spectacular! It gives me/us just a glimpse of what this summer is going to be like for us! It's going to be a fun one.../You are all aware of James' love for the outdoors and Lauren seems to be more in love with being outside. It's been a little rougher as far as the temper tantrums and melt-downs go...but totally worth it! They get to run and play and jump and walk and explore....I L.O.V.E. IT! Here are just a few pictures of some fun we've had.

Lauren loves walking up and down the driveway and finding things in the grass. She seems so big and independent as I watch her outside.

This is her favorite thing to do outside...the bubble car. She loves to get in it and just sit and every now and then she enjoys being pushed around. My favorite is when James gets in on the action.
Favorite picture right here....She loves to push him in the care which just looks so funny to me. Probably because she is the little one ya know?

The Hot Rod
He still loves his bike but enjoys it most if he's wearing my sunglasses. The funny thing is, they fit his head. I always knew I had a small head, but really...he's 3...

Fun with Daddy-doo
So, I think I'm a pretty laid back mom of a boy and I believe I let James to lots of fun things like
pick grass for his animal farm and then give him a trough of water for the animals to drink out
of (inside), let him bring in piles of wood to "start fires" and build things with...but when it comes to the fire...I'm a little more cautious. This is where Luke gets to come into the picture and be the HeRo....and quite frankly it's fun for me to sit back, watch, and smile. Although I do have moments where I have to bite my tongue because I think, "He's not really going to let him light it HIMSELF right? He's 3!?!?!?"
Here's a little fun they have been having indoors here the last several nights after Lauren
goes to bed. James thinks it just fantastic!!! They have also been cutting up wood with the chainsaw and having big fires in the garden. All of which James just lives for. Luke is a great dad for a little boy!

More Father-Son Time...
These are the days I felt like I was just waiting for as a mom. Watching Luke spend
incredible, quality time with James doing "guy stuff." And you all know James loves all the
rugged boy stuff so it works out really well! I love that James is getting the opportunity to
do some many fun, hands-on, crazy things.
Luke took James to Lowes on Saturday morning just to look around and there was a class going on for kids. So, Luke being the AMAZING father that he is, took James to it. He LOVED it (James) ! He
got a little apron, goggles, and his own hammer. All things James wears on a daily basis here they're just his size! He loves it. He has several pieces of wood that we have always let him drill screws in or pound nails into, so having these props to go along with it was just icing on the cake.
He made a little NCAA March Madness basketball hoop which he loves because of his love
of sports and specifically basketball.Unfortunately he got so excited after showing me that as he tried to jump over it, landed on the rim and broke it. it's being held together by black electrical tape. Hey, it still works!
Next weekend they will be make a mobile, so I'm sure James will just have a blast!
And just for is a little conversation I had with James a few days ago.
James: "Can we go to Lowes?"
Me: "Why sure... I don't know why not."
James: "Oh, I just LOVE the smell of Lowes!"
Me: "Really, baby...why? What's it smell like?"
James: "It smells like shop vacs, lawn mowers, chainsaws, and snow blowers. That's what it smells like."
Me: Wow....really? Can't wait to smell that!
James: "I'm so excited to go to Lowes."
It was just priceless...really because we don't go to Lowes that often. The funny thing is when
I walked in I immediately noticed the distinct smell it does have...pretty much smells like wood to me...but bless his heart you know? He knew.....and to him it smelled like
all of his favorite things. I LOVE THAT CHILD!!!

At Work...

Still wearing the goggles upside down! :)

We are continuing to keep busy and enjoy each day and moment with our kids.
We have the same conversation almost every blessed we feel for all
that we have been given...especially our kids!


Elizabeth said...

oh, my gosh, this is a cute post! isn't spring fun? I think my daughter forgot what the outdoors was like b/c she was just barely walking last Sept. it is so fun for them to have built in playmates!You have to scrapbook that convo w/ James. and the Lowes pics. super cute. I didn't know they did that kids class! I'll have to look into it now.. enjoy your weekend!

darcy said...

I LOVE the Lowes conversation. WE always joke that Adie's first song is going to be the Menards song. "Save big money at Menards!" Heck, we are there enough!

LOVE that pic of Lauren pushing James. It totally shows her personality.