Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Tag....and an Update...

I've been tagged by my lovely friend Darcy and I was "supposed" to look a bit more stay-at-home-momish.....but I had been visiting a possible preschool for James earlier that day. So, I did put a bit of effort in to trying to make myself look like a presentable, put together mom! :) Hey, first impressions are important.

Here were the rules:
1. Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.
2. Load the picture onto your blog.
3. Tag three people to play. Remember, if you are tagged on another blog, we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.
**I don't know that many people who blog, so I'm not sure how successful this will be,
but I will try! If you read my blog...PLEASE comment so I know who you are!!!
I'm tagging Sara, Elizabeth, and Nichole. Good luck ladies!!!


And of course a little bit of us...

Lauren turned 16 months on Friday (can hardly believe it) and here are some fun facts about her.

This is the face she ALWAYS has when she recognizes something or someone or is watching something intently. She usually starts babbling uncontrollably once this face appears.

-She is saying a lot of words, dadda, mom, dink (drink), bball, bubbles, ball, bye-bye, mama cat, bike...

Luke hears more words that she says that I do...I'm not sure why that is

-She is such a daddy's girl. She often times crawls up in Luke's lap and snuggles in with him for a while. It's the sweetest.

-She loves pizza, Popsicles, and pink lemonade.

-She LOVES to laugh...She'll do anything for a good laugh. Which also means she's a bit antagonistic.

-She pushes, pushes, and pushes...We just keep telling her we're going to keep pushing back. Yes, we are already having these conversations with our 16 month old! :/

Her new favorite "toy" is the mirror. She loves to just look at herself and make funny faces.
Then she laughs uncontrollably. It's just hilarious to watch.

Here she is kissing/licking the mirror. If she's still doing this at 13 I'm going to be concerned for the boys...
James got in on the fun too. That was even more fun to watch, but she kept pushing him
out of the way. She wanted the ENTIRE mirror to herself. Get used to it James! :)
Lowe's Project #2
Here is James' second Lowes craft. It's a yard mobile. He enjoyed making another craft and
could hardly wait until 10:00 on Saturday morning (Lowes craft time). He is anxious to get it outside and use it. He has such a great time with daddy and enjoys his weekends when we are all home together. He just asked Luke if he would go fast to work tomorrow so he could see him soon. Sweet huh???


darcy said...

Thanks for playing along ALTHOUGH you look hottie pattotie. I should have known to expect no less!

Love your Lauren facts.. it's so easy to scrap them right from your blog.. already have all your journaling!

Elizabeth said...

I have a feeling you'd be one of those gorgeous people rolling right out of bed! it must be your smile =)
isn't preschool shopping fun? good luck.. at least its not as hard as kindergarten shopping!
your kids are so adorable. love that your little girl is a daddy's girl. nothing sweeter! and I love that lowes project. still have to check on that, what a perfect father/son activity!
ok, so thanks for the tag..hmmm. so I have to do it RIGHT now?lol.
ok, check my blog later today!

Adrienne said...

Hi friend... I laughed to think of snapping a pic. of me right now...haven't showered in 2 days and have only worn makeup twice in the last 3 months... I'm looking forward to feeling like a "girl" again when we get back to the States. :)
Lauren's hair is getting long. It's so fun to be able to "do" their hair, isn't it? What a sweet family you have!