Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

What a fun weekend! The kids have been fighting a sinus infection that has lasted FOREVER...but in the midst of that we had some fun events... Here is the trip to Lowe's for the craft on Saturday morning. Lauren and I went this week and that was fun to watch and to snap some pictures of the boys hard at is the birdhouse. (I don't have a picture of the finished product because James wanted to move on to bigger and better things i.e. shop vacs, mowers and chain saws before he was finished). Any of you surprised??? Me either... :)

Safety is #1

Hard at work

Thank you Daddy!!!!

*********Easter 2009
James wanted to get down and play with his cousins...NOT take a picture...
My parents with all 8 grandchildren...I can't believe they are sitting THIS well...
You can imagine how CRAZY things were!

Lauren enjoyed breaking open the easter eggs and finding jellybeans. In fact, she LOVED them!

James didn't really "get" or care about the whole easter egg hunt. He just meandered around looking at the eggs. I had to tell him to pick them up. Sometimes he would pick up eggs and put them in his cousins' basket...uhhh hello??? We decided to do it inside since it was a bit chilly and windy so it was tough to get pictures. There were A LOT of excited kids looking for eggs. He did manage to get some and was excited to see what was inside. He especially enjoyed the gum. This kid LOVES gum!

We had a great evening with family and enjoyed great food! Now I need to go on a post Easter/Easter candy diet! :0

I love the look on her face when she pulled easter eggs out of the basket we gave her. It was priceless. She just likes shaking them and gets a pleasant surprise when they break open and spill jellybeans....oh happy day!!!

James enjoyed his Easter basket from us. He found his "big" gift...a basketball a few days earlier and I just couldn't tell him to wait...he has thoroughly enjoyed that!

We are trying to ration out the many pounds of candy we have. James asked for it the second he got up this morning....Crazy kid...I told him he could have a piece after he ate his oatmeal and yep, it was gone in record time!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter and enjoyed time with family celebrating our risen Saviour!

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Elizabeth said...

what a happy Easter celebration! I love all the matching kiddos.. so sweet!
My kid loves gum too.. we finally found something that works as reward/punishment.. who knew!