Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Checking In...

Hello family and's me again...we are continuing to keep very busy and are enjoying the nice weather daily. Here are a few family updates. Enjoy!

James has started swim lessonsand hated them...he cried the entire 45 minute session during the first week and hated when they forced his underwater. They had me go upstairs to watch so he wouldn't make a mad dash for me. For all of you moms, you know how difficult it is to watch your child MISERABLE while doing anything. This is the look of one very exhausted little boy...mostly from crying (hard) for an entire 45 minute swim class. He just wanted to get home!
This is the face of my brave little guy at week 2...somehow...miraculously...he was "happy" the entire class even when he had to go underwater. He was so proud of himself and asked to get McDonald's afterwards to which I promptly replied, "You bet. Anything you want." ;) I hope that tonight and the rest of his lessons go this smoothly. It was nice getting to watch him poolside. Things like this can be really scary and difficult for James and I am so proud of him for persevering! This is the first of many for the rest of his life...
Our 17 month old Sweetie Pie

Yep, here she is....getting bigger and better! She loves to do everything James does including ride his go cart, so Luke fixed this little motorized 4 wheeler and yep...she rides it...and loves it! She seems so big to me when she does these kinds of things! She has continued to be such a joy...feisty, but with LOTS of personality and we LOVE it!
She loves to laugh, loves to be outside, is a picky eater, HATES when I leave her, loves
her daddy, loves her brother a lot, loves animals and books, and loves playing in the
sandbox. She is continuing to say and repeat a lot of words and we're enjoying that
a lot.
And... here is my 21 week belly....

It's betting big...quickly...I have an ultrasound on Friday and we are very excited. I just want to know everything is mamas can relate...we ARE going to be SURPRISED this time with the sex of the baby and that is exciting for me! I feel great...big already...but great! James hugs my belly all the time and tells me he is going to take care of me. So sweet. The baby is moving a lot and James got to feel it last night which he thought was pretty cool. It's such an incredible reminder of the life that is growing inside of incredible!

Luke's job is going well...I know I don't update on him too much. He has beeen
supervising and enjoying it a lot. I'm so happy for him.


I have kept very busy tutoring this school year and those of you who know me well know that I have been looking forward to the break of the summer... Well....that's not going to happen. Although I'm grateful for the opportunities... I had 2 phone calls over the weekend in a matter of 20 minutes and added 4-6 hours a week of tutoring this summer. That puts me right around 8-10 hours a week this summer...That's a lot! A lot of lesson planning and prepping. Thankfully some of that is going to be done during the kids' nap time so I won't be missing out on time with them...that's VERY important to me. I have had several people that have said they passed on my information to others, so I guess I just have to decide what my limit is of kids. When I started tutoring, I never dreamed it would become this "big." Again, I feel very grateful especially in this difficult economic time.


Nichole said...

so glad to catch up with you here. Feels like forever since we have seen you or gotten to chat.

Linz said...

Your belly is SO CUTE, Shelly!! I love that stage when it's a little ball:) I'm sure you'd beg to differ! But looks like you are all doing good...great job to Mr James and his swimmin lessons!

Elizabeth Miller said...

love your updates!! swimming lessons... oh , I hear ya.. we had that last summer glad things turned around.. praying for better results this summer.. your sweet lauren is just too cute! and so his your growing belly. keep enjoying this fabulous weather =)

Adrienne said...

Shelly, you look so cute pregnant! I love it that you're going to be surprised. That's how we did with ours and it's so fun. It's like Christmas...only better! :)

With swimming--Clay hated getting his head wet and just now (he's 6) has finally started going underwater...and LOVES it! I'm sure with James the time will come too.

Lauren is adorable. Looks like she's got some personality! :) I think little girls are so fun. Ours is quite the drama queen though. :)

Jewel said...

Shelly---I just got done reading all of your posts on your blog. It's been great! I've loved it! I'm so sorry to hear that you won't be able to attend MOTTTs next year! Anyway, do I have your permission to post a link to your blog on my blog so I know whenever you post a new post? We're getting ready to go to a park! Gotta love this beautiful weather...not too cold....not to hot...just right...perfect park weather!