Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bug Fettish

Oh my! James has developed a recent fettish of bugs! Loves them! I think I'm ok with it, but if you look closely at this picture the bug is actually starting to crawl up his arm. He thought it was great, but it was kind of "weirding" me out a bit! He wants to go outside all of the time to look for these things: cows (at the end the road), bugs, bunnies, Lassie (the neighbor's collie), the wolf (the other neighbors husky), and the sheepdog (the black and white dog that looks like the picture of the sheepdog in his animal book). Oh, this summer is going to be fun!!! Whenever we need him to come inside or we can't take him out to look for those things, we tell them they are sleeping. Is that bad??? :)
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