Friday, January 23, 2009

A liitle bit of us...

Things have been really busy around here these days and I am hanging in there! Just wanted to give you a quick update on some of the things that we've been doing around here. James' big, cow birthday party is tomorrow and Lauren will be 14 I am sure I will have lots of updates for you in the next several days.
Let's start with Lauren since you haven't seen much of her lately:

The funniest thing about Lauren right now...she's a sippy cup thief. Seriously, her goal each and every day is to see how many times she can steal James' sippy cup. At first I thought maybe she just liked his cups so we started giving her a drink in them.'s HIS cup she wants. We have to barricade his the hallway when he's napping because she wants to barge in and steal the sippy cup. It's hilarious. If it's in reach...she's got it and she knows exactly what she's doing. She'll grab and run! It's really a sight to see. I will try and get it on video! Usually James is pretty gracious, but as soon as he takes it away she throws herself on the floor and just sobs. So much drama...such a girl. Here are a few pics of her in action:

In for the kill... Score!!!!!!
She thinks this whole thing is hilarious...
This is the face after James or myself has taken the sippy cup away...
Pitiful huh? Don't feel too sorry for her. It will only be a matter of minutes before she's gotten it again!!!
This girl LOVES books. She would sit and look at books forever! Loves them!!!! It's so weird
because James NEVER sat and looked at books. It's kind of nice! :)
look how big she's getting!!!
McDonald's for James' Birthday
James' birthday was on MLK day so his cousins didn't have school. We decided
to take the kids to Mc Donalds to celebrate. Those of you who know me at all know
that I never take the kids to the "germland." My stomach turns when I think of it...
Picture me there with hand sanitizers in every form. Wipes, name it. I wiped James and Lauren's poor hands SO many times and changed their clothes when we got home. Is that normal? The kids had a great time and it was worth it!
Lauren just loved walking around and checking out all of the action. It was lots of fun!

James...My photographerFor a kid who hates the camera as much as he does, he sure likes to take the pictures. He loves carrying around my old camera and pretending to take pictures. He thought it was hilarious that I was taking a picture of him taking a picture of me!

My Cow Fanatic...
You all know how much James loves cows and we have been planning his cow themed birthday party for quite some time. Well, if you haven't been at Target recently they have an enormous section of cow gear for the spring. It's to die for...James was in heaven. He used his birthday money to buy this visor. Precious huh? He will also be getting the cow chair and I'm sure some of the other goodies. I just had to show you a picture. He loves it! Lauren does too!

Last but certainly NOT least...James had his first dentist visit. He was SO excited to go. It's all he could talk about and I walked him through what they would do. I actually thought it would go smoothly. Well, I was WRONG!!!!

Here he is sitting in the waiting room...excited to be at the dentist!

This picture is completely staged. Once we sat him in the chair and they put the napkin around his neck, it was OVER. Do you hear me??? O.V.E.R. He was crying and I had to hold him on my lap in the chair while they looked at his teeth. Needless to say he didn't get them cleaned. We're trying again in 6 months. During this time the Doctor came in (a man) and looked at Lauren and attempted to touch her hand. BAD NEWS! Lauren doesn't like men and he was no exception. So she began screaming! And keep in mind that I'm still holding James in my lap so now the Doctor can torture all of us by examining his teeth again. So James and Lauren are both crying (the hygienist...bless her heart what holding Lauren) and feeding off each other. The doctor is trying to talk over all of them to me... about how long to brush his teeth and so on...blah..blah...blah... Didn't work. I was starting to sweat and just wanted to get the heck out of there! Oh my did NOT go as planned! So, we will see if we can go through the same madness in 6 months. And I will find a sitter for Lauren!!! :)

There's an update...a long one...sorry...I will post pictures of James' birthday party! Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

Just thought you should know that I laughed out loud at the dentist story. Sorry you had to experience it, but I'm glad I got to laugh about it. :)

darcy said...

I love that Lauren steals sippy cups.. I didn't know about this habit. =)

I didn't get to ask you at church today but I hope that the cow party went well yesterday!