Wednesday, April 9, 2008

James the Baker (no more)

if you look closely you can see the half eaten pepperoni

Ok, I laughed so hard at this entire experince and I hope you will be able to picture and appreciate it. I was making homemade pizza for dinner and thought it would be fun for James to help me make it. He is usually up on a chair "helping" me make dinner anyway. He wasn't real interested in spreading the dough out (too squishy) or putting on the sauce. So I gave him the pepperoni to put on and he loved that. Until...he decided to go ahead and give one a taste. He LOVED them. So he would eat all but a sliver and then put it on the pizza. I couldn't stop laughing. I knew it was just us eating it so I didn't care. He probably ate 15 peices of pepperoni until I took it away. He wasn't real successful in getting the cheese on the pizza either. What you see in the picture is what was left of what he was supposed to put on the pizza. Yeah... it never made it to the pizza. We had a great time and I laughed hysterically. He wasn't too hungry when dinner time came. He got filled up on pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Mmmm.....
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