Sunday, October 11, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This...

You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days, hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times,
Take a good look around,
You may not know it now
You're gonna miss this...
This is one of my favorite songs right now by Trace Adkins. If you don't know have to find it! It's the best and I just LOVE it! You all
know I don't need a reminder about savoring each day and moment with my kids, knowing
it's all going to go way too quickly...I'm a real sap like that, but I'm trying to relish even
the everyday, mundane, sometimes monotonous "duties" that come with
being a mom. Sometimes our kids want us to do things that we have done "a million times before" or when we just sat down, but we know they are going to grow up and that we would do anything to do the little things just one more time... (I'm teared up as I'm writing this. I told you I'm a sap. I'm ridiculous!)
These are some things I/we want to enjoy every day...even though sometimes I'd rather be doing something else...

-building countless animals fences, barns, and hospitals
-feeding them various things such as grass and green pepper
-reading Shiver Me Letters and Guess Who I Am 10 times a day
-making countless play dough snakes, pizzas, and bird's nests
-giving bucking bronco and piggy back rides until my back hurts
-playing hide and go seek and pretending every time that I'm shocked James and Lauren found me ;)
-eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together...even though sometimes I feel like all I do is prepare and clean up meals
-playing Gone Fishin' even though trying to catch the fish on that little pole annoys me!
-answering MANY questions about things that sometimes I don't have a clue about
-looking for raccoons, deer, cows, and horses anywhere and everywhere we go
-stopping to look at the horses and buggies even if I'm dying to be home
-building forts and tents of various shapes and sizes
-putting together the same puzzles
-blowing on bellies

I try and cherish each day with the kids. Some days I'm better at it than others. I've been reminding myself to do it more especially with 3 little ones now, I'm trying to stop
and enjoy the little things even more because let me tell's busy! I believe I have
the best job as well as the most important job on earth!
Here are a few pictures of some of the things I don't want to miss out on...

James and Lauren destroying the house, but having a BLAST and using their imaginations!

More imaginations being used...even though my first thought was, "Really...can't we just leave the seat alone?" They had everything imaginable in this seat...books, clothes, blankets, stuffed animals...

This is my favorite...Luke gives James and choice every night of how he wants to get to the bathroom to brush his teeth. James always asks to be hung upside down. Then Luke brings him to me and I blow on and tickle his belly...every. single. night. It gets old and at one point Luke was done with it, but he said, "When he's 19, I'm going to wish I could swing him by his feet just one more time." (And I'm teared up again...)

You can't see her feet, but she has one my high heels...Love it! In a few years, this won't be "cool" at all...

He won't be this small forever...savoring these newborn snuggles

This was a long post...but my challenge to you mommies out there is to enjoy the little things with your kiddos today even if you want to be doing anything but what you are doing. Remember, You're Gonna Miss This... what would you give just one more time to do with your kiddos? Tell me...


Jewel said...

This was an awesome post! Thanx Shelly for posting this wonderful reminder! There are a ton of things I would do one more time, like play trains AGAIN, read the same book over & over, play hide-n-seek, & etc.

Nichole said...

THANKS FOR THE REMINDER...i needed it today more than ever.

darcy said...

Oh Shelly.. this is your best post ever! You had me tearing up too! What a good reminder to love it because you are right.. it's going WAY too fast!!!