Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch (twice)

So, for the last couple of years, we have taken the kids to get a pumpkin and enjoy the fall festivities that come with the pumpkin patch...hay rides, wagon rides, popcorn, apple cider, etc...This year was particularly difficult to find a time to go because it has been so cold and rainy. So, a few weeks ago when we had those beautiful days, we packed up the kids after an early dinner and took them to the pumpkin patch. Well... it was closed. ARGGG! It had closed a half hour before we got there. We knew we couldn't go home because the kids were anticipating a fun filled evening. So, we played at the orchard for quite a while. It worked out well because the kids played on the tractor in the hay and ran around and we didn't have to worry about staying out of people's way. So fun... Here are a few pictures from our first attempt...
Love this picture of James!
Boys being boys...
Doesn't miss Lauren look so grown up here? She had a blast running around...NO BOUNDARIES=HAPPY LAUREN! ;)
Graham even got in on his first fall activity. He slept in the car most of the time.
Pumpkin Attempt Take 2:
1 word for this morning out- FREEZING! It was cold and windy, but we bundled the kids up and ventured out for the perfect pumpkin. Here they are...oh and there was mud...lots and lots of mud!
The hay ride was by far the favorite event for the kids. Lauren laughed hysterically the entire time. If you are wondering what that rather large bundle is in my jacket, don't worry I'm not smuggling a pumpkin. It's Graham in the baby Bjorn. He stayed very warm in there and slept the entire time despite the incredibly bumpy tractor ride.
The "perfect" pumpkin
James is into these super, goofy faces right now for the camera. So, this is his happy face.

Here's a better shot of what was stuffed in my coat...a sweet, baby boy! :) We had such a great time and made great memories. It was worth the bitter cold the second time around. And just for the record, after braving the wind and cold for a pumpkin, carving or "guarding" it as James calls it didn't fair so well. As soon as we cut the top off and started to pull out he insides, James started dry heaving terribly. Yep, our weak stomach child couldn't take the sight or the smell. I couldn't stop laughing. Lauren enjoyed it a bit more. James left the table never to return to the pumpkin..Oh well...there's always next year!

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Elizabeth Miller said...

I just thought that nursing had created a rather large lopsided problem for you!! LOL

LOVE the pictures! we had to go twice last year too, and other than Brig's field trip didn't even go this year =(
fall family fun is a blast isn't it?