Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Year...

Happy Birthday

Well, I turned the big 2-8 today! Someone mentioned to me that I should start using anti-aging cream religiously on my skin. That's when I realized-I need to get a grip on the fact that I am getting older... :)

First of all, this was one of the best birthdays I have had during my adult years. My girlfriends had a birthday lunch for me today and our kids played together all morning. It was lots of fun! I love my girls and feel so blessed to have them in my life! Then, my parents came over to watch the kids so Luke and I could go out for good, Mexican food. Then, we went and picked out my flowers to plant in my pots! Hooray!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Oh, and all my brothers and sisters called to wish me a Happy Birthday. I just think that is so special!

I got to thinking today about what I was doing a year ago at this time and lots of things have changed. Luke and I have had another great year and marriage and I love, appreciate, respect, and adore him more than I did a year ago. James has just flourished into an amazing, lovable, sweet little boy and we are really starting to see his personality and independence shine! Lauren blessed us with her birth and taught us quite a bit about the luxury of sleep and quiet and the TRUE definition of patience and sanity! :) We switched churches and love it and have made several new friends. Many other things have impacted the last year of my life, but these are just a few of the highlights. I really couldn't ask for anything more than what I have right now. An amazing husband, two incredible children, great friends, a wonderful church, and a family I wouldn't trade for anything!!!! I really am blessed! If you are reading this, you have had and impact in my life and I thank you for it!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday Shelly.. You inspire me through your blogs, you have such a kind heart and are so thankful and that's so refreshing!! Have a great day..

Beka Dean said...

I still can't believe we're 28.
I love you dearly, Shel.