Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If You Plant It, It Will Grow

I had to remind him that you can't pull the plants up by the tops!

James has always enjoyed getting dirty and doing things right along with Luke and I so we knew he would really enjoy time for planting. He tried helping us last summer, but often times did more damage than help. :) He helped me plant my flowers will his own little tools. I would dig the holes and he would drop the flowers in. He LOVED it! We are working on the watering part. He wants to "drown" one plant. He doesn't quite get the fact that all of the plants and flowers need water, not just one. He enjoyed planting the garden too. He did a better job at dropping the plants into the holes than dropping the seeds. He wanted to just toss those. I also had to watch them because he wanted to eat them. I was trying to explain to him that you can't eat them until they grow into beans. They look pretty similar to jelly beans, so I guess I can understand the confusion! :) So now we water, weed, and wait for them to grow...

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