Monday, May 12, 2008

Top Ten...

Happy Mother's Day

My Top Ten Best Things About Being A Mom:

10. Being able to still be in the clothes you slept in at 11:00 a.m. (or 3:00 p.m.) as long as your kids are dressed and looking good
9. Reading the same books over and over...and over again and still reading them because you know they love 'em
8. Having James crawl into bed with me at 7:30 (or sooner :/) and snuggle until I'm ready to start the day.
7. Going to the store and leaving with everything EXCEPT for the 2 things I went there for (but usually having fun)
8. The way my feet now act as another set of hands and my ability to multitask has gone through the roof.
7. Learning to appreciate the times you get to sit down and eat a meal uninterrupted.
6. Looking at James at the end of the day and knowing the dirtier he is, chances are the more fun we had that day.
5. The way Lauren's whips her head around at the sound of my voice and immediately begins smiling (or crying...)
4. Being able to lay my head on the pillow at night and recap the day's events... good and bad...I shared it with them.
3. Knowing that even on the bad days, tomorrow will be a new and fresh one.
2. Having everything else that seemed so important before become nothing more than an afterthought.
1. The joy and pride I have in these two lives that I am blessed to be raising. Words can't even describe how full my life truly is...for I never could have imagined motherhood would be so amazing.

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