Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hard At Work...

So, I told you all in my last house that we were working on some internal transformations and I'm glad to inform you they are finally FINISHED! (well...almost....some of the trim needs to may its way back on the walls). Bless Luke's heart he worked for 3 1/2 days straight...literally...with like 6 hour sleep breaks to complete the ceramic tile! Wow, was that time consuming. I don't think we would ever do that large of a space again, but we LOVE it and it looks great! Here are a few pictures of the changes. I only took one of the before...I know...terrible...but it was kind of an afterthought. We also got new carpet and I picked out some new's like a whole new house!!!

The "before" picture. I've always hated this awkward wood design that was supposedly a transition from the kitchen to the living room. Luke has always said he was sure the builders were covering something up and BOY WAS HE RIGHT! We found all sorts of mishaps underneath that awkward wood design.
Here is the view coming into the front door....

Looking toward the front door. This is the best angle of the tile (I think). Luke did a great job!

Here is some of my new wall decor which I also love!
And another new addition to our house is simply because I have the BEST in-laws ever!
Yes, you read that correctly....they are great! And this picture proves it! This last weekend the kids and I spent the weekend at their house while Luke worked on the flooring. I have been
sleeping miserably lately and my emotions proved it! They had gotten a new mattress set in Luke's old bedroom
that I got to "try out" for 2 nights and my sleep was 100% better...

So...literally 8 hours after I returned home with the kids, my in-laws showed up with an entire new mattress set for us/me hoping I would sleep better. Is that amazing or what?!?
It wasn't in stock in the Ft. Wayne or Elkhart stores, so they drove all the way to South Bend
to pick it up!

This picture doesn't show it's true height. Luke said I should've taken a picture with a yard stick next to it. It's almost 36 inches high.

The only trick is the's SO TALL! I tried to get some pictures to show you just how tall it really is. I'm still getting used to getting in and out of bed. I have to roll out right now with this belly right now ;) (And yes, that is a baseball bat underneath the bed...I am paranoid about intruders and I'm sure to ward them off with that!?! That...and the Ab-roller next to it!)

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