Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where has time gone??

So, James had his first day of preschool yesterday and what can I say, he LOVED it!
We had debated sending him to school this year since he has 2 years before kindergarten,
but thought he would not only enjoy it, but benefit from it. You all know well how much
James loves his mama...and being with his mama...all the time. I was a bit apprehensive
of how he'd do, but he was a CHAMP! He was so looking forward to going and got right out of the van, said he loved me, and walked away. I was shocked, but pleased. No tears or anything.
Well...from James that is. I cried a bit and thought, "This is it..."

Here he is ready to leave the driveway. He was annoyed that I wanted ANOTHER picture.
This is terrible lighting, but I couldn't resist the picture. This was baby right before
heading out the door for his first day of preschool.
He loved painting and snack time. He liked painting and being a firefighter. He said he liked painting
because they got to wear "big daddy shirts" so they wouldn't get paint on their clothes. I loved hearing that! He could even tell me several of the names of kids in his class and who he shared
toys with. I can't believe he is growing up so quickly...I need to stop blogging now or I might get all emotional again!

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Elizabeth Miller said...

oh, my gosh, shelly, this is so sweet! I love that he had such a great first day! that really makes it easier on mama huh? well.. sorta.. lol
I think it is so cool as we enter new phases of their lives... it only gets better and better as you see him becoming his own little person.