Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Zoo

Luke and I have been wanting to take the kids to the Ft. Wayne Zoo all summer, but our weekends have just been too full. I decided it was now or never since we have a baby coming in less than 2 weeks. So, I asked Luke's parents if we could all go when I stayed with them this last weekend. It was perfect! We had such a great time. Little Miss Independent a.k.a. Lauren, isn't in as many pictures because she wanted to be out and walking and not riding in a stroller. Therefore, she was eating many snacks while looking at the animals.
We rode the train which was lots of fun and both kids enjoyed that. In fact, I would
have preferred taking the train around the entire zoo! ;)

Lauren enjoyed the farm animals because she could get up close and personal with them.

We opted not to go into the goat pen because they were mauling the other people in there. A bit much for the kids...they were content with petting them through the gate.
This was the BEST part of the entire zoo (at least I thought). James got to feed
a giraffe. It was amazing to be that close to them. It scared him the first couple of
times when the giraffe stuck out that tongue to get the lettuce. He just thought it was great!
He even got to play some bongo drums....another highlight of his day!
This was the end of a very long, fun time at the zoo. Lauren was a few hours past nap time and we were all spent! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a great day!


Jewel said...

Wow, this brings back memories when we took Braylon for his 3rd BD in June...we did all that too...the train ride, the goats, feeding the giraffe, & playing the drums! We unfortunately were one of those people who got mauled by the goats! But other than that we had a great time & it looks like you guys did as well! Isn't that just an awesome zoo???

Elizabeth Miller said...

less than 2 week! gosh, you look amzing! glad you were able to get one last family outing in before baby comes. we have been wanting to get up to that zoo, I've heard rave reviews(like even better than the Indy one!)