Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Buds

So over the course of the last several weeks, James and Lauren have become inseparable. is really the sweetest and most enjoyable part of motherhood so far. I really mean that.
To watch and listen to your kids play together is just amazing. They are SO bored when the
other is sleeping or away. In fact, Lauren has started crawling back to his door and pounding on it when he is taking his nap.
In fact, she has managed to push it open a few times. We have to really watch her. She just
can't wait for him to get up and James is the same way waiting for her to get up each morning.
He often times will say, "Lauren's awake!" She almost never is the first few times he
says she is, but it is incredibly sweet. As soon as he hears her make the smallest peep, he barges in her room saying, "Morning Wauren." (he can't say his "L")
He then talks to her in just the sweetest voice. Then he climbs in her crib and loves on her. Oh it melts my heart just thinking about it. They are playing nicely together and James
is learning to share his things with Lauren. He's not perfect by any means, but he is
learning and today was a pretty fantastic day!
So this is their latest thing...James and Lauren wrestle. Lauren thinks it's hilarious. They just laugh and laugh. James tosses Lauren every which way and in spite of the way the pictures look, he is usually pretty gentle with her. It is so much fun to watch and listen to!
Going in for the kill!
This looked a bit uncomfortable for her...but again...she didn't seem to mind.

She laughs pretty much the entire time!

I LOVE this picture! I am not sure if she was kissing him or biting him! Hey...the girl has
to defend herself somehow! :)

So happy!
This has been one reason we have enjoyed their closeness in age (despite what the observers at the dermatologist office thought). They really seem to get along well! Luke informed me tonight he is ready for baby #3. I think watching your kids interact like this
does something to you...maybe tomorrow they'll be little terrors and he'll change his mind! :)


Niki said...

These pictures are so cute! I love the one where she's biting/kissing him!! Such happy little ones :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my these are priceless. I know what you mean about sweet sibling love. My Brigham does the same thing with his baby sister.. she just lights up when she sees him... and he too runs in "tatum's awake..and she's poopy!"
we're tryng to convince him true sisterly love would be to change her diaper. he's not buying it yet.
becareful what you wish for... we have #3 on the way..its awesome and scary all at the same time! good luck =)

darcy said...

you make me excited about having a sibling for Adie. =) Adn these pictures need scrapped at Scrap Day #2. =) Yep.

The Lantzes said...

that is so beautiful!