Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Where have I been you may ask? Ahhhh...where haven't I been is how I feel? Things have been so insanely busy here lately I feel like I am having a tough time finding the time/energy to sit down at blog. So this is an update of things that have filled our week...Enjoy and laugh a little! :)
Viewer Discretion Advised: Content may not be suitable for young audiences!!!Umm....yeah... this is Nemo as James named him. Less than 24 hours after we purchased and named him, this is what he looked like! You probably just laughed out loud because you all KNEW this would happen...it's inevitable...but why? Why do goldfish ALWAYS die? James did try and pet him on a couple (that we saw) of occasions which probably did not help the matter, but he was so sad and honestly...I could not stop laughing (but not in front of him). Is that bad? He is like Darla from Finding Nemo...the fish killer... The worst part about it is the next several days he had to tell everyone about his fish Nemo that he got that died...complete strangers!!! Oh, I am sure we will try the fish thing again, but that was an expensive 20 hour activity!
So then I came out to the garage to see him doing this....he actually went inside and got his fishing pole out to try and catch the dead thing....oh, kids are hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing about that either....I wonder what was going through his little mind...I can only imagine!!!
Moving on from Death to Life.....My new baby niece Claire... Tiff had her baby on Friday morning and I was so excited to be able to hold her. It was amazing how tiny she seemed to me and how quickly I have "forgotten" what holding a new baby feels like. She is precious!!!!
Lauren's Birthday Party Invitations!!!
I finished them over the weekend and got them sent out yesterday. I cannot believe I just sent out the invitations for my baby girl's 1st birthday! I liked the way they turned out...simple yet cute and girlie. I added a picture of her under the vellum but didn't take a picture of that shot.

Just a couple of random pics of Lauren. She seems even more girlie and big now that she is standing (oh and taking a few steps every so often :) )

A Little Tuesday Night Fun...in the Tub...
I should have put another viewer discretion note before this pic! Ignore the fact I'm in a bathing suit please! :)
So, unfortunately both kids have their first colds of the season...BOO....They have stayed healthy now for quite some time and we lost the battle over the weekend. It's been a tough several days with them not sleeping well...Terribly runny noses, body aches, and poor James' face is very chapped. Tonight was especially difficult and James' only nap was 15 minutes in the car on the way to the dermatologist (I'll tell more about that later).
So...to add a bit of fun in the night I said I'd take a bath with him. Of course when I told him I was putting on my suit, he wanted to put his on too. It was tons of fun and it was a great ending to a rough day and an even rougher night. Only bad thing...he is already talking about me taking a bath with him tomorrow night!
Ok...one more funny thing...a bit of dialogue from the dermatologist office today. I had to take Lauren in for the diaper rash she has had for 4 months...YES 4 MONTHS. I'm not bitter though! Anyway...keep in mind both kids are sick. Lauren only slept 45 minutes and Luke was supposed to be home in time to watch James but couldn't so I took him without a nap (except 15 minutes in the car). I packed A LOT of snacks, capri sun (because it's cool and different) and tons of toys and books. Heck, I even got out some little planes I gotten James for Christmas. I was desperate! Anyway...I had literally only taken 3 steps in the door when these two older ladies noticed us and began talking to us and discussing myself and the kiddos. Here is some of the dialogue. I hope you gather the humor....There's a good chance all of you reading this have had a similar encounter!
"The Observers" I call them...
Ladies: "Wow, you sure have your hands full don't you." (3 steps through the door)
Me: "Yep, I sure do." ha ha
Ladies: "At least they look like they are well taken care of."
Me: "Well, I do try..." ha ha
(Note-in between their questions an comments they were making observations aloud about me and the kids. All good, but a little awkward)
Ladies: "Is that a little boy or girl?" (referring to Lauren)
Me: "Oh, she's a girl." Are you kidding me? Did you miss the teal barrette in here hair and the cute pink polka dot shoes? Seriously? She even looks like a girl these days...I think
Ladies: "So, how old is he?" (referring to Lauren. hmmm thought we cleared that up)
Me: "SHE is 11 months."
Ladies: "Oh."
Ladies: "So, are you in school? Do you go to kindergarten?" (talking to James)
Me:" Oh no, he's not even 3 yet."
Ladies: "OH WOW, and he's 11 months," (referring to Lauren) "So, they're REALLY close in age. Oh wow!"
Me: "Yep they are."
Ladies: "So did you plan it that way?"
Me: "Well, ya know...not exactly but we enjoy their closeness in age."
Ladies: " Wow, there's probably never a dull moment at your house."
Me: "No, not usually."
Ladies: "He's really cute." still referring to Lauren
So yeah, I know this was long, but I just wanted to share with some ladies I knew would be able to laugh, appreciate it, and probably relate. They were super sweet and kind...but just chatty and really quite funny. Oh and all this time we are in the waiting room the kids were PERFECT!!! Lauren sat on the floor and played with her toys and James read his books in the chair and played with his early Christmas presents while eating his snacks. It was just funny...


Sara said...

OK I was laughing while reading this. I'm glad you have cute kids. Just think what the ladies would have come up with if they weren't "well taken care of". Too funny!

Nichole said...

lol...glad you gave survived you week. I agree with Sara. good thing they are taken care of...you never know what they could have said.

darcy said...

who in the HECK would confuse Lauren for a BOY!? She is so feminine!

LOVE the story. Had me giggling. =)

Adrienne said...

Oh my word...I was laughing at those ladies... Sheesh. Do you think we'll be like that when we're old? :) I love the bath idea. That is great! I don't know if I'd fit with Clay anymore though because he's getting so big and we have a little tub. :)

Elizabeth said...

fun to see a post from ya.. looks like lots of fun has been had!
'obervers' is pretty hysterical. your daughter is nothing but a girly girl. I love that she always has bows. mine does too.=)
Love your invites! you'll have to post pics of her diving into the cake!

Elizabeth said...

forgot to say I love your banner. fabulous picture of your family! see.. you're getting this photography thing! =)