Monday, November 3, 2008

Let the Festivities Begin...

Nothing like seeing cute kids dressed up in costumes to brighten the mood on this election day! That is why I am NOT in bed at 5:45 this morning! Actually been up since 4!!!! We had a great time celebrating Halloween this year and we stretched it out to 2 days!!!
When I asked James what he wanted to dress up as this year he had said a lion. I know how fascinated he is with them, so I thought this would be a good fit. He enjoyed
wearing the costume and especially loved having his face painted. When we put it on him he tried to scare us by roaring...James is very soft spoken so it made his attempt to roar was that much cuter! We were given this elephant costume for Lauren so we figured we go with the safari theme!
Date: Thursday, October 30th
Place: Sara's for Play date
Victims: Our Own Children :)
Here are James and his friends Morgan and Addie. We of course dragged the costumes with us to the play date (the day before Halloween) and put them on our kids. Our poor kids...we did the whole face painting and everything! They didn't seem to mind and even continued playing WITH their costumes on and were a sweaty mess by the time we got them off and ready to go home!
On Friday, we met up with my sister and sister-in-law (tradition) took the kids trick-or-treating in downtown Goshen. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful! But I did make a mental note for the future...DO NOT attempt to go into building with steps and tight quarters with 2 kids in a double stroller. It got a bit complicated and frustrating at times!!!
The Cousins...They all look so serious! This was before the sugar kicked in...Notice James already has a sucker. What kind of mom am I?Lauren was great all day but very mellow even after her very first piece of candy...this sucker. I wasn't sure what she would do with it. They funny thing is she kept putting the stick end in her mouth too so she was an absolute mess by the time we got home! Her fingers and face had grey fuzz stuck to them too!
I thought all that sugar (probably 10 pieces of candy) would have made it difficult for James to fall asleep...but I was wrong. This is how I found him after I had gone in to put Lauren down for her nap. I didn't even have a chance to wash his face...poor kid...
Our Little Elephant...
Someone gave us this costume for Lauren so we decided to go for it and I tried to make it a bit more girlie by adding pink ribbons by the ears. I actually wished now that I would have gotten her her very own first Halloween costume that was a bit more girlie and cute...oh went with our safari theme! :) She didn't seem to care and I got a kick out of that trunk!
Trick or Treating in the Neighborhood
After the kids woke up from much needed and great naps, Luke and I loaded them in the wagon for some neighborhood fun. Once again, the weather was beautiful making it that much more enjoyable! It sure was nice having Luke's extra hands too! James loved having his face painted again. He would climb up on the bathroom sink trying to see his "whikskers." (that's how he says whiskers)
I loved seeing James choose what kind of candy he wanted when he had the option. It was usually the same things...skittles or starburst (he's my kid...passing up the chocolate). We had to remind him on several occasions that he only could choose ONE piece. Yes, my child was the one trying to stuff his pumpkin!!!
James loved the candy...just like Christmas...he never cared to get to the next house because he was too interested in eating the treat he had just received.
Sucker #2 for the day in case you are keeping track. Lauren again was such a great sport! She loved riding in the wagon and we took a little basket for her and a few people gave her suckers. She just enjoyed being along for the ride!
Tradition...Last Stop...My Parent's
Each year my brothers and sisters and kids end up at my parent's house to get some goodies and show off costumes! It's a great time and my parents and the kids all love it! They got fun goodies this year...McDonald's coupons and the little kids got Veggie Puffs...MMMM for all.....
Grandpa took James to a few more houses when we arrived at their house (not that he needed any more candy) but he thought it was cool to go with grandpa.
Grandma holding our baby elephant....

And of course...the four of us! It was a long, but fun day! We enjoyed the memories that were made and the traditions we will continue to carry on...Next year we'll see what James wants to be...I'm sure we will see how his interests evolve as his Halloween costumes change.


darcy said...

Oh my GOODNESS they are cute! LOVE IT!

Nichole said...

Super Cute kids you have. I see that Mrs Barhydt made the blog too. Glad you had a good time..

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog!! your kids are so stinkin cute! that elephant is the CA-U-TEST!! my son was a lion last year and its pretty funny how they instantly start to try and 'scare' people!!their tiny roars are just too much!
sounds like a fabulous celebrations with the kids and family. we have always done a downtown t/t and I learned fast about the stroller in/out of stores.. LOL
hey do you mind if I add you to my blog list! you're welcome to come visit me anytime =)
how's the photography going?

Adrienne said...

I like your new header picture! Super cute. Can you believe the little families we both have??? Sometimes I still feel like I'm 16 and then I remember I have 2 kids and that I'm turning 30 next year. :)

Niki said...

I love your new header picture! The costumes are so cute and it seems like the suckers were a hit :)