Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cows, Cows, Cows

These cows have become James' favorite things these days and what he looks forward to the most. There are 2 mamas and their baby calves. The big, black one off to the left is pretty much the bully so James always refers to her as the big, black, mean's funny how he has picked up on that.
These cows are across the street from us and over the weekend I asked them if they would mind if we brought James over to see the cows. They told us to come anytime, and we have probably abused the permission they gave us. I can only imagine what they are thinking. :( We have gone at least once every day and sometimes I take the kids in the morning as well which means we are there twice a day. It's a lot of fun for all of us!

James loves to be up on Luke's shoulders to get the best look at the cows.

Lauren loves standing up at the fence and looking at them too. She squeals when they walk toward her and is just mesmerized by them!

After a few trips to the cows, we have them eating out of our hands...literally...even the big, mean one. James has gotten to feed them a few times which he just loves as you can imagine.

You can't really see what James is doing, but when he wants the cows to come close to him, he bend over and pats his leg yelling, "Come cows....come." It's priceless...makes me smile every time.

He talks a mile a minute when he's out there with the cows. He can't get all of his thoughts and questions out fast enough.

Doesn't she look SO BIG in this picture??? I can't believe this is my baby Lauren...

Here they are in the wagon on the way to see the cows. If you look in Lauren's hand she's holding a dinosaur. Her new thing is holding objects over the sides of things. It's funny...she held it over the side like this almost the entire trip. When she decided to drop it over the was ballgame over! I picked that dinosaur up many times. James kept saying, "No, Lauren...don't do that!" (ha, ha)
Lauren is getting to experience so many fun things that we are doing with James. People often times say they think the second child doesn't get the attention and such as the first child, but I think the experiences and the relationship Lauren gets with James is just amazing...Now I'm thinking James got jipped! (just kidding)


Elizabeth said...

love your cow pictures!! my grandma has cows and Brigham can't get enough of them! you wonder what they think of us silly humans standing behind a fence watching them for hours!! LOL
just read your post below.. love your crafts! you def should be winning the MOY award! I'd love to do the scarcrows.. how did you fasten it all together? glue? tape?
you should create a scrapbook of all your fun crafts with kids! they'll love to look back and see what a cool mama they had!

darcy said...

Hey!! Lauren IS getting so big! Ican't believe her 1 year is coming up! did you get her party planned?

Love your craft post too... when Adie gets a little older we'll have to plan a craft day!