Monday, October 13, 2008

Knollbrook Farm...FUN!

The corn was lots of fun. James enjoyed running through it and grabbing the stalks
This was probably his favorite part about the trip...the animals. He loved feeding the goats.

He's showing us the case we wanted to know what it ate. :)

This is the face of a little guy who just got SHOCKED by the electric fence they FORGOT to turn off...seriously, are you kidding me???

It was so fun watching James and Luke race on their bikes. I got in on the action too, but all of that is on video.
James really wanted to ride these big bikes, but couldn't even reach the pedals (obviously) so he settled for riding with Luke. As you can see he wasn't exactly thrilled about it though.

The pumpkin slingshot...they tried to launch the mini pumpkins into an inner tube out in the lake. James thought it was great!!!

I thought this would be a great picture, but it was at the end and Lauren wasn't exactly thrilled to be sitting on the ground in the midst of large, orange pumpkins.

He is washing the pumpkins. Bless his heart... It kept him busy for a solid 30 minutes!

We took the kids to a place near us called Knollbrook Farm. They have all sorts of exciting things you don't usually find at your traditional pumpkin patch. It was nice because James loved everything out there and Lauren loved the new things to everyone was happy! We visited the animals first and for quite some time. James thought they were just great...that is after he got over the fact that he got shocked!!! Lauren loved watching them too and the goats came right up to the fence to check her out too. The cows mooed a few times at her and that made her cry. We had such a great time and the weather was beautiful. We spent a solid couple hours there and James didn't want to go and has asked several times to go back. Maybe we'll try and take him one more time before the season ends...I love these little family adventures!

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