Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot

Our Fall Pictures
Lauren was about done at this point, but James was goin' strong! :)

This is my favorite one of just Lauren. I love that smile and the way she looks like she is glowing.

I love this shot of her looking up.

The grass was cool and Lauren seemed to actually enjoy sitting on it. She was quite fascinated with the pumpkin and mums.

I love this shot of her from above looking down at her pumpkin.

It looks like he is posing, but don't let him fool ya...he's taking his flip-flops off...I surprised him.

ahhh... laughter...

silly face...too cute to pass up posting

I wasn't able to get any good pictures out at the farm/pumpkin patch with the kids, so I decided to do a little photo shoot of my own last night. It was 84 degrees here yesterday, so I waited until it cooled down a bit to put this sweater on James...don't worry...he wasn't sweating to death! I just loved the way they turned out! I have about 50 that I just LOVE, but I chose some of my favorites to show you. You are all very aware of my frustrations with James since he usually refuses to smile and/or look at the camera...anytime! So, I am sure you can all see why I am so pleasantly surprised with the way these turned out. I do need to admit that we bribed him with a tootsie pop. I think it worked well. :) I felt like I got some really candid shots and I love the contrasting colors of fall...brown, maroon, orange, and green...


Linz said...

LOVE your fall pictures of the kiddos! You are gifted in photography for sure! and the friday night pics were great too! Glad I got to see you guys there!!

darcy said...


I can see why Wally-World wanted the rights to them. =) And you got pictures with them BOTH smiling and LOOKING at you? You deserve an award! I have a photo shoot in an hour and just borrowed one of Sarah's huge mums... hope mine turn out as good as yours did!

Elizabeth said...

YOUR pictures are amazing!! I love that the mums are bigger than your baby girl! your kids are so dang cute. My son is always wanting to sport the faux hawk too.. we mix it up a bit! I have a photo biz, so I totally understand about that age and compliance..=P.. I pack lots of treats for bribery.. LOL

Elizabeth said...

hey! you can stop by my blog anytime =).. I see you're from Elkart IN, I am not far from there in Lafayette. I would love to help you any way I can... I'm very hands on too and it takes me forever , til it just 'CLICKS' !
feel free to email me and I can direct you to some other sources as well..

Natalie said...

Great pictures. It was so fun hanging out with you at the football game. I am glad you had a fun time. Jett enjoyed playing with James...he's been telling everyone about his "new friend".

Adrienne said...

Cute fall the mums and pumpkins. And you got such great smiles from them!