Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Carpenter's Crafts...Cheesy Title I Know...

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that I planned out an activity or craft to do with James everyday. Well, we have managed to do one just about every day and they have become something that James really looks forward to. For the most part they have gone like I had planned....with a few minor glitches :) Here are a few of his favorite crafts:
Straw Painting
it's the only way he wants to paint now...
So, this next little fact is a bit gross, but the funniest/worst part about straw painting is the amount of saliva that was coming out of the straw onto the paper. It was TERRIBLE! The paint/slobber took about 2 days to dry and I wasn't surprised! :)
the finished product...doesn't it look a "real" piece of art??? I think I may frame this one!
Sponge Painting
another good looking finished product and let me tell you, he was VERY proud of all of these!
Apple Painting
ok, this one didn't turn out like I had planned, but James had no idea. You know how you can cut an apple in half and it creates the star? Well, I thought when he painted with it, the star would show up....ummm...nope! James still thought it was cool and had no idea what it was "supposed" to do, so it was still great. He has asked to paint almost every day since we did these painting activities. I'm just glad he likes them! :) He asks almost every morning when we are doing our craft.
Edible Scarecrow Necklace
He thought he was SO cool using the hot glue gun. I made sure it didn't heat up too much and just continued to watch/warn him. He did really well. He loved making it, but was also very anxious to take it apart and eat it! Hey, that's the point right? :)

The necklace...he didn't like wearing it because the raffia was scratchy on his neck...

Up Close and Personal with Mr. Scarecrow

A Ghost Crafts with Friends...
These are 2 of James' friends...Morgan and Amelia. James is very good buddies with Morgan and was very excited about doing a craft with her. They made ghost lollipops. It was cute and didn't take them long. The best part for them... tootsie pops at 10:30 in the morning...yeah...we were MOY (Moms of the Year) that morning!

I had to take a picture of this because it cracks me up...every time I tell James to hold up his craft so I can take a picture of it...he literally holds it up. It's just funny because I simply want him to just hold it so I can see literal...

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The Lantz Clan said...

okay you need to keep a book of these crafts so that when Cole is old enough to sit still for a few minutes I can get these great ideas from you!