Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Football

We were invited to a football game with some friends of ours on Friday night and we had such a BLAST! We even tailgated before the game...yep, high school football tailgaters and we were a part of it! :) The weather was perfect and there was lots going on to keep the kids occupied. James loved the mascot, the falcon, and cried when we left. "I want to see the birdie," he wailed. He also loved the half-time fireworks show. It was a pretty perfect night...Luke and I enjoyed ourselves too.
The kids were absolutely perfect throughout the entire fun-filled evening. James is getting a bit easier to take to these kinds of things because he's understanding boundaries and Lauren was so fascinated with everything going on, she was content to just sit in her stroller or on our laps smiling and clapping.

We had her all bundled up...glad she didn't mind the hat.

James even got in on the football action. Some boys graciously passed it to him a few times...

These mittens cracked me up...our friend let us borrow them and they were huge on Lauren, but she thought they were great. It was entertainment for her as she waved them around!

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