Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bug Man

You will see this devastated face again in my next post. We had just headed out in search of more bugs when it started raining. He was devastated. The tears started coming as quickly as the rain did... poor guy... He wears that bug box around his neck. Better him than me I guess....don't really like to wear it when there ARE actually bugs in there.
This is the first praying mantis we found. We didn't keep this one at the time. We just let James check it out.
The second praying mantis we found, we let James keep. He was so excited. We put some grass in there and a twig for it to climb. We tried to catch bugs for it to eat, but it wasn't real interested. I can remember feeding them raw hamburger when I was little. Anyone else remember that????
He would just sit and watch it. It kind of weirded me out a bit. Especially that night when everyone went to bed and I could hear it scratching at the top on the tin foil...eesh....
So...another one of James' new obsessions...bug catching...We bought him a bug box several months ago and we have looked and played with several bugs this summer but never kept them and that was ok with me! :) Well, our neighbor boy has been over a lot here lately playing with James and he always wants Luke to help him catch spiders. So, ultimately that has turned into James' new "thing." Spider, bug, and anything that moves's fun and I'm ok with insects and such. It is fun seeing him so excited about them and wanting to check on them. I need to read up on the habitats of these creatures though because we've let a couple batches of spiders die...ooopps...The whole, "They're sleeping," thing only works so long... ;0
I guess it's a good thing bugs and dirt don't bother me cuz this kiddo enjoys everything of the sort. Working on that worm farm when I was 9 must have done me some good! :)


Beka Dean said...

I'm sending him an ant farm for Christmas. Get ready! :-)

Shannon said...

Okay you are a better mommy than me b/c there is no way I would purposely let bugs in my house!!

see ya tomorrow :)

The Lantz Clan said...

He is such a handsome little man!!!!