Saturday, September 27, 2008

10 Months & 2 days...

She did look at me a couple of times like, "What exactly am I wearing and what are you doing mom?" I'm just enjoying a little girl...

I like this shot from above...I don't know why because you can't see much but I think it's neat.

I have all of these adorable headbands for her but she doesn't like them so much...she doesn't mind the barrettes that I put in her hair, but she usually yanks the headband right off. They're cute though huh? I have them in every color! :) And don't tell me you're surprised! :)

Our baby girl is 10 months old!!!! Wow, this is just going so quickly. I wanted to post pictures on her 10 month "birthday" but it was a rough me, you wouldn't have wanted to have seen the pics that would have been taken that day. She has had a terrible diaper rash...I mean like you have never seen before. We're working on getting her back to 100% again.

Anyway...I took these pictures last week. I had really high hopes for getting some adorable pictures in this tutu, but they didn't work out exactly like I had in mind... but thought you would all enjoy them just the same. I did them outside and it was a bit bright so I couldn't get her to look at me and when she did, she was squinting...shucks...and James was the only one trying to help me in getting her to smile and that only lasted ohhh...7 seconds...I will try and work on getting some better shots!

Lauren at 10 months:
-tons of fun!!!!

-she is pretty much done with baby food. James didn't like it much past this age either. She'd much rather have the good stuff...mac n cheese, rice, mashed potatoes, shredded chicken...ya, know...the good stuff

-She is cruising across furniture, but not walking yet and I am just fine with that! Since she crawled so early we thought maybe she would be an early walker too

-She is continuing to get more and more vocal. Boy is she noisy...she squawks and screeches and it just makes James' skin crawl. All of you who know James know he doesn't like loud noises...AT ALL! Maybe that stems from the 6 months of screaming he endured with her. Well, he's had it...

-She has gone to 1 nap....BOOO...yes, about 3 weeks ago she officially went down to 1 nap. I was trying my hardest to keep her at 2, but it just wasn't working. The good thing is we have our mornings to run errands and have play dates and now they both nap at least 45 minutes together! The first time since she's been born they have both slept at the same time!!! YEAH!!!!

-She's really into cause and effect...she loves to drop things, watch them fall, watch YOU pick them up, and then do it over and over again...

-She loves music and will dance to anything upbeat. It's so cute because her knees are usually locked which creates a rather jerky motion

-When she is fully rested from her night sleep and nap she will usually stand up and jabber loudly while hitting the top of her crib. It almost looks like she is playing the drums

-She is very aware of looks people give her. All you have to do is look at her and she tucks her head down and smiles from ear to ear. It's the BEST! Daddy especially loves when she gets all excited for him!

-She DESTROYS James' room. Oh my goodness...we've never had a problem with James messing up his room, but this one has required me to do about 3 room cleanings a day. She takes out all of his books, gets the puzzles down and takes out ALL of the pieces, and pulls out many of his stuffed animals. James thinks it's funny and I figure it's cheap, easy entertainment!

Once again I'm sure I could go on and on about her and how much we love her and what a joy she is, but I won't. We are continuing to enjoy watching her grow and watching her interact with James. That is still one of the most incredible things about have multiple children. We love her so much and are so blessed!

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Nichole said...

this all sounds very familiar. Glad I had a few more months than you before it all started though.

The Lantz Clan said...

What a beautiful little girl!