Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, Labor Day...

I love this picture. James adores his Grandpa and it shows on his face!

James and his Grandpa Carpenter

He found a baby toad that kept him busy for a while. It was very active.

The baby toad found its way under the canoe which James was NOT happy about!

Luke found a turtle but they didn't have any luck capturing it.
This stick got a bit dangerous a few times! :)

There's a great, little park right down the road from G & G's house. James had a great time playing on the slide and swings!

Is this weird that this is the ONLY way James will swing on the swing???

This face says it all!!! What a great time we had and Grandma and Grandpa Carpenters!

This was NO Labor Day for me that's for sure and yes, these are the only pictures I took over the Labor Day weekend and there are NONE of my sweet baby Lauren in them. It's all for good reason...I was lounging in the pool most of the day on Sunday and Monday. It was a vacation...truly. I didn't have my camera in the pool with me so not many other pictures were taken. We went to Luke's parent's house after church on Sunday and spent the next two days visiting with family, swimming, going to the park and pond, eating great food, relaxing, laughing a lot and enjoying every minute. I was in desperate need of a little break and R&R and I got it. My mother in law took care of Lauren just about every minute. It was so nice! We had such a nice time and on the way home James kept saying, "Go gain (again)". It was precious! Thank you for such a wonderful 2 days Mom and Dad Carpenter!!!

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