Monday, September 15, 2008

All About Jamo

I wanted to do a little post about James to give you and update of our precious 2 1/2 year old and the things that make him "tick" right now. I do a better job updating about Lauren as she hits her milestones. This is James' new "big bike" (that's what he calls it). James LOVES bikes and every time we go to someones house that has one different than his, he loves to ride it. We have accumulated 4 bikes now. A few neighbors have given a bike to James as they've seen the passion he has for them! :) We decided to buy him his own big bike. He loves it. It's a little tough to pedal as his legs are still a bit short and unable to completely reach the pedals but he loves to sit on it and try to ride it around. He's had a few spills, but nothing too catastrophic! He also loves the water bottle on it!
A few more things James is doing/ enjoying right now:
He is talking...a lot! We are enjoying it so much! We find him repeating phrases we say to him and the best part about him talking is how much he tells us that he loves us! It's the best and gets me/us every time!!! One of our favorites right now is when you ask him where something is at and he always says, "Ummmmm......," to start with.


He loves to pray for people before his nap and bedtime. I always enjoy hearing who he wants to pray for even though it is usually the same people! :) God bless those people who have extra prayers going out to them!

He says, "Bless you ___________(name)" any time you sneeze. He can hear a sneeze downstairs and will run upstairs to say, "Bless you." Love it! And of course we must reply by saying, "Thank you James."

He still LOVES to be chased and tickled. There is just about nothing more James likes than to be hunted down for a good ticking or stomach blowing. It can change his mood instantly. He also loves to lay on my feet as I push him in the air like an airplane.

He has turned into quite the social butterfly. There are several kids in our neighborhood he likes to play with and if he sees them out or their garage open, it's FAIR GAME! He has such a great time with them, but it has made transitioning into bath/bed-time a bit more difficult at times.

He still loves his nightly popcorn snack with daddy and has even gotten in on feeding Lauren teeny, tiny pieces. (we have to watch him).

He loves painting, coloring, drawing, cutting, playing with play dough and anything else crafty. Although he experimented with his scissors last week on his shirt. Yep, left a couple of holes right in the middle. We had to have another talk about things we cut... :)

He loves being read to. For a boy who doesn't like to sit for much, he will sit and be read to for quite some time. His 2 favorite books right now, We Went Walking and One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four Five Fish.

He enjoys counting a lot! He's pretty good at getting to 10 but sometimes throws a few extra 3's in at random places :)

Everything is "Ready, Set, Go..." when he wants to start something.

He still loves to help me clean and cook and I enjoy letting him help. It makes it more enjoyable for the both of us. (despite having to go over it again or the additional mess)

I am sure I could go on, and on, and on...but I think that's a pretty good overview of our Jamo. We so desperately love and enjoy him and he has made our lives richer. I know I have said this many, many times, but I really do LOVE this age!!!

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darcy said...

Still pretty sure we want Adie to marry James. =) Yep.
These Jamo facts need scrapped!

Nichole said...

Too cute. He is such a sweetie.

Adrienne said...

Awww. What a sweetie! I love it that you're taking time to notice even the little things. You are such a good mama.