Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life Changes...

Big changes...and NO, I am NOT expecting another baby! :) (this is a picture of a baby blanket)

We have been facing some big changes in our home lately and the biggest one is Luke has left his job of 6 years and has accepted a position with a new company. The ironic thing is the company he has gone to, Welch Packaging, sent us this baby blanket when we had Lauren. Luke had used some of their boxes for shipping at Global. Anyway, it's just kind of an interesting coincidence. It was a difficult decision for us. One that took a great deal of time (many months), prayer, counsel, pros and cons lists (thank you Luke) and discussion to decide. It was difficult for Luke to leave Global for many reasons...because of the relationships he built with the people, his knowledge in the industry, as well as the "security" it offered. We believe the opportunity that has presented itself to us is an incredible one and one that will offer us a great future.
Luke is learning an entirely different field of work. This company creates boxes and other packaging material. It will take time for him to learn how everything works. He will be learning everything from how to run the machines to the "inside" office work. This is exciting for him and he enjoys and thrives on the new challenges it brings. To be honest, it just makes me nervous...even hearing him talk about it! :( Oh ye, of little faith...
When you think of us, please pray...pray for patience as this is a lengthy learning process, pray for faith as we will have some different challenges to deal with, pray that overall this will make us a stronger family and stronger people, and pray that this will be a good fit for Luke and he will find success in it that way he has found it in so many other areas. We are excited about this leap of faith we have taken and are trusting the Lord for our future. We pray it will be as exciting as we are anticipating!

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darcy said...

We've been praying! Keep us update. =)
And I must admit that I thought you were PG when I first opened the blog..

Nichole said...

Nice look. I will be praying. thought I would tell you that I found out that you live acrossed the street from some friends of ours the Seth and Tabitha.

small world experience number two.