Monday, August 25, 2008

9 Months...

Doesn't she just look like a little lady?

This is her snarl face. It's hard to capture it completely, but cracks us up. Her nose gets all scrunched up...

I love this picture because you can see her big, blue eyes.

Lauren is 9 months old today!!! Wow, we are enjoying her so much and are beginning to see a bit of her personality coming through. She already seems much more girlie and dramatic than James ever was so I'm anxious to see how she is when she gets a bit older. I keep trying to warn Luke of things to come... :) (he has no sisters) Here are some facts about Lauren at 9 months:

-Food-she loves anything and everything, but has quite a sensitive gag reflex, so baby food with texture is a bit difficult. She loves banana bread though and soggy cinnamon toast crunch which James likes to feed to her :)
-Teeth- 6 total...2 on bottom and 4 on top
-Movement- she still crawls all over, but has officially mastered the "monkey walk." She gets up on all fours and "walks" across the room. She can move pretty quickly and it's hilarious to watch. I'm wondering when she'll walk...
-Talking-well, she's not talking yet but she's babbling a lot. Her favorite sound is, "da da da da..." Don't know how that works.... :)
-She LOVES watching TV...I know I shouldn't blog this, but it's the truth. We don't let her watch much, but anytime it's on...she's glued. If you get in her way she'll move so she can see again. Isn't that awful???

-She pays attention to detail and tends to be attracted to the things are less obvious to the eye. Therefore, making my job as a mother even more difficult. I have to constantly be aware of everything-everywhere!!!

-She's persistent-she knows what she wants and she will do whatever it takes to get it and be very vocal when she doesn't get it. She got the batteries out of a toy last night....I mean seriously!!!
-Nicknames- Lou-Lou, Munchkin, Lou-Magou, Loola-Magoola, Wawen (James can't say "L's"), Sweet Lou, Peanut; there are many more, but I'm too tired to think of them :)
-She loves taking the wagon, stroller, being held...doesn't matter. She loves just looking around at new things
-She is dramatic (yes already). If you take something away from her she squeals and squawks and cries...such a girl...
-She's a sweetheart...she loves people and she's content being played with or talked to
-She's a very happy baby most of the time. Now when she's fussy we're actually surprised. Did you ever think that would happen?

We are so thoroughly enjoying our precious little girl and cannot wait to see what's in store for her. We just pray we can be the best parents possible to raise her to be all she was created to be. Love you Lou-Lou!!!

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Shannon said...

It was so fun getting to know you. I'm so happy that you are going to be coming to MOTTTS so we can get to know each other more!!

Nichole said...

Loved meeting you at the scrapday...can't wait for you to join us at MOTTS.

Love the journaling you did here. can't wait to see it on her 9 month page. Your pages turned out great. and your daughter is beautiful.

Nichole said...

ok I was just looking through your blog and stopped at the picture of I think you mom and daughter at the beach in Elkhart.

I was like I know that woman. I know her..but from where. then tonight it hit me. I worked with your mom at Oaklawn before I had Jackson. She taught at the school. Small world. Pardon me if it is not your mom. I am so sorry. But I guessed from the journaling that it was. I was going to email you but I didn't have the address. I guess i could try and find it in the emails from darcy. oh well.

darcy said...

The pictures of Lauren are SO SWEET! Her eyes look SO BLUE in all of them! Yeah for 9 months. =)
Darin said that LUke may help with our roof tomorrow.. THANK YOU! He was going to do it all by himself and I MADE him call people. I don't want him to get in over his head and be more stressed than he already is!