Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Fun

James loved the little jacuzzi tub and so did we because it was plenty small and we didn't have to chase him.

Over the weekend, we travleved up to Michigan to see my dad's 7 sisters and their families...yes, 7! We had a fantastic time and it felt like a little vacation. They had a great pool and right next to it was a jacuzzi tub. James and Lauren both loved it because it was very warm and James could stand on the ledge and jump around. And of course we loved it because it kept him confined to one area which doesn't happen very often. It rained and cooled down into the 50's but that sure didn't stop the kids. They changed out of suits, back into suits, and out of suits several more times. The dads were great about taking them out into the cold. They were eventually all huddled in the jacuzzi tub. The kids even got to watch movies in a movie theatre in the house. A movie theatre complete with large leather reclining chairs and a stage. They thought that was pretty neat. But, what did James want to do? Go around to all of the chairs and put the leg rests up. I'm telling you...he NEVER wants to do what we "think" he should want to do. We had such a wonderful day visiting with family and the kids sure enjoyed the pools!
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