Monday, August 11, 2008

"Ideal" Ideal Beach

James and Landen enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool together but that water was COLD!!!! Of course they didn't seem to mind.

He wasn't real sure about this water fall. The water was really cold, so he just stuck his bottom in it. Maybe it's not that cold that way...

Before we knew it, he had shimmied up this lifeguard chair. As soon as I approached him, he said, "Jump mommy," and proceeded to jump to me. It may not look high in this picture, but it really was. At least I was ready...brave boy

It was very difficult to get pictures because of running back and forth after James. It figures, that no pictures were taken of Lauren except for this one at the very end when she was exhausted and due for a nap. She had a great time and love playing in the sand. We had to watch her because she also liked eating it...YUCK!

There is this great little water park/beach here in Elkhart called, "Ideal Beach." Hence the name it really is pretty ideal. There is a little beach for the kids to play on as well as a playground and kiddie pools. My mom and I took the kids and met up with Tami and her kids as well as her mother-in-law. It's a good thing there were 4 adults because there was never a dull moment trying to keep track of them all especially with so much to do. We had a great time and James and Lauren both took great naps on the way home!

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