Monday, August 11, 2008

Popsicle Pals

One for for for for me...
One of James' favorite things about summer has to be eating a couple popsicles a day...yes, you read that correctly... a couple. He loves popsicles so it was natural for him to want to share his love of them with Lauren. And let me tell you, she thought they were pretty great too. She kept grabbing for it when James would pull it away and of course give her signature girlie squeal. James would take a lick and then give it to her. They went back and forth for quite a while. It was pretty cute. For a split second I wondered how sanitary that whole process was, but I figured it was too cute to worry about. :) I appreciated the fact he was willing to share it with her because let me tell you, his popsicles are a sacred thing.
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