Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Men in My Life...

This is the picture James was painting for Luke for Father's Day! He was so proud!
Isn't this picture sweet? James actually smiled for me!!! It was a cheezy one, but at least it was a smile! We'll take it! :) We made Daddy breakfast for Father's Day and then we sat at James' little table to eat it. James painted him a picture and I framed the kids' footprints. Both kids squirmed their feet and toes terribly as I was painting them-I would have too! It was a tough chore to do myself, but well worth it!
This is my dear dad or as James calls him, "Boca," who I love and respect so dearly. These are all 7 of the grandchildren who love him an awful lot too! Only my dad could love and handle 7 kids under the age of 7 and 5 of them being boys!!

Top Ten Great Reasons to Be A Dad:
(figured since I did one for mother's day, I had to do one for Father's Day too!!) This is from Luke's point of view...

10. Mowing now takes twice as long because I'm trying to hold James and gratify his obsession with mowing
9. I now get to pick out my favorite part of Lucky Charms-the marshmallows- and give them to James because they are HIS favorite part.
8. Giving up my last bites of food and share-gets me every time!
7.Having on a perfectly good outfit and having to change because I was spit up on-ALL OVER!!!
6. Missing the final innings of baseball games to put on "Finding Nemo" or "Baby Einstein" for James.
5. Getting home and giving numerous piggy back and airplane rides when really all I want to do is sit and relax.
4. Having Lauren grab everything off my plate when I am trying to eat.
3. Looking for motorcycles, horses, and cows EVERYWHERE we go and then trying to come up with good reasons why we don't actually stop to pet, ride, or touch them. (if you're a parent, this will make COMPLETE sense!)
2. Being able to pretend to be sleeping even though I hear every scream Lauren makes at night. "Oh, she was up last night??? I didn't hear a thing..."
1. On a serious note-being able to take part in this great gift of being a father to 2 amazing children and working hard to raise them in a way that would make God proud. What an awesome responsibility...
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