Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She's A Swimmin'

Ok, you can't see this entire swimsuit, but it is precious! My sister picked this up for Lauren and I wish I had one like it. There's a little pink ruffle that goes around the middle that you can't see. She now has 4 bathing suits...4...she has more cute ones than I do! :) She really enjoyed the water and the pool. The water was a bit cool, but that didn't stop her! She especially liked splashing! My favortite was when she would splash herself and look around wondering where it came from. haha. I laughed quite a bit! It will be fun for her and James to play in the water together. James was more interested in everything else than he was her first swim. It may have been best that way.

FYI...I will get shots of all 4 swimsuits soon. They'll make you smile.

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