Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7 Months Today...

I love this cheesy smile! Her two, little teeth are always showing.
This is her yoga move. She does this quite often. She goes from all fours, to this move and then she kind of walks on her hands to get to where she needs to go. She's not doing as much of the crawling bit. We think it's pretty cute...
Those of you who have talked to me recently know just how thrilled we are with our "new happy baby!" It's the BEST! I can hardly get enough of her! She is a happy girl and looking at her now I have almost forgotten how difficult she was (well, not completely :) ) Thankfully we have pictures to remind us. She loves toys and you can give her a tub of them and she will play with them forever! It is fun for us to just watch her play. She squeals and jabbers a lot and definitely enjoys the sound of her own voice. She is making more noise than James ever did. She loves to climb all over us and pulls herself up on everything. She and James will sit and play with things together (James is learning the concept of sharing, although it's a bit difficult). She is sleeping extremely well, both at night and for naps. Every time I put her down I think, "I cannot believe how easy this is." Luke is probably sick of hearing me say that, but it is just such a drastic change from what we've been used to. And now for the official miracle... SHE DOESN'T MIND RIDING IN THE CAR!!!! This truly is a miracle! A week ago today I took her in the car to my parents and she didn't cry at all. I thought it was a fluke for sure, but she's been great ever since. It's truly amazing. I can actually hear the radio!! I just can't help but wonder why she had been so miserable the last 6 months. Wish she could tell us...ya know? Well, we'll take it. This is so fun!
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