Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Escaping the Heat

I didn't want you to have to endure a full-frontal, but I wanted you to see James' latest "thing." Every time he wants to swim in his pool, he strips down. I mean, EVERYTHING comes off. He usually does several laps around the back yard which is quite a sight! Thankfully our yard is fenced in although he did try this same thing last week in the front yard. Oh dear... Maybe his swim trunks are too bulky. Maybe we should go the speedo route-His daddy would love that!!! :)

This is the face of a happy boy!

This bottle was full and made its way into the pool. Guess he wanted to recreate his bedtime bubble baths.

He is spraying the water directly in the pool in hopes to create more bubbles. And if you look closely his tongue is out. Those of you who know me know that is one of my bad habits when I am concentrating-the tongue comes out. Lovely thing to pass on... :/
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Anonymous said...

Hey - Jordan had his tongue out too - not bad company...