Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fair Junkies

Do we look like the regualr fair-goers????

James got to ride in the back of the truck with grandma and grandpa to get their car. He thought that was pretty great! So that's what we have to do to get him to smile and look at the camera! =)

Yes, were were fair junkies this year. What, are you surprised??? For three nights we packed up the kids, two strollers, diapers, bottles, snacks, a change of clothes, cameras, and other "kid"necessities and took the kids out to the fair. We had such a great time and the kids enjoyed themselves so much we just kept going back. We took the kids out on Sunday night (on our anniversary. very romantic i might add :) and let James see the animals, tractors, and the other goodies at the fair. He loved it and Lauren enjoyed herself too. We had free passes for Tuesday evening so we invited Luke's parents to come up and experience the Elkhart County 4-H Fair with us. We thought they would enjoy seeing James in his "element." They had a great time and so did James. He loves his grandma and grandpa. And I'm not going to extra 2 pair of hands sure was helpful! Once again I had some free passes yesterday so we decided since the weather was beautiful to take full advantage of the experiences that were 10 minutes away. We sure had a nice time and had some great laughs. James has been talking about the fair an awful lot this week and we've been praying for the animals at nap time and yes, even the tractors. We have lots to look forward to next year and Lauren will be able to enjoy it even more. I've already started inquiring about how to get James an animal (preferably a cow) to participate in the fair. It's still a ways away...he has to be 10. Ha, never too early to start thinking, huh?

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Darcy said...

Dude. We love the fair too. We would have gone more if it wasn't $8 a shot!

And love all the pics with the kiddos and the animals and food... we totally missed the ginormous pig this year too. Shucks. Hope he lives til next year! HA!