Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eight is Great!

Lauren turned 8 months on Friday and once again, where has time gone? She is such a joy and we are getting to see a glimpse of her sweet personality more and more each day. She moves around at her leisure, but doesn't seem to be as "busy" as James was. She loves to pull herself up on everything and just stand looking around at everything. Recently she has started letting go and attempting to balance upright. She can stand for a split second before gracefully falling down (well, it's really not that graceful). She is very noisy right now and it's fun to hear her jabber. She squeals very loudly when you take something away from her. She might be our feisty one. Luke says she'll be "just like her mother." Who me??? She definitely knows what she wants! :) She loves watching other kids and is quite fascinated with animals. She doesn't seem to have any separation anxiety right now which is nice. I think she used it all up the first 6 months! She goes into the church nursery without a whimper. Our little Lou-Lou is barrels of fun! Luke and I enjoy her more and more each day and James is still pretty smitten with her. With the exception of the occasional head-bop. :) We feel incredibly blessed to have been given this little love and raise her is a real privilege.
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