Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Double Duty

He's trying to wash her hair :)

This picture is for all of the people who think our kids look alike!!! This should seal the deal...

He was trying to get her to drink out of lid and I had to explain to him that A. she can't drink out of cups yet and B. That's DISGUSTING!!!

We got home late on Saturday night and both kids needed baths so we decided to try and put them in the tub together and
I will tell ya what...this is the ticket! They both LOVED each others company and James was very helpful. He just laughed the whole time and found the whole thing quite hilarious! Lauren had to get used to the fact that she couldn't crawl in the water and I had to remind James MANY times that this was more of a reason that he couldn't potty in the water. By the way, is that a boy thing??? Not really understanding the fascination...
I'm sure they will take many more baths together until James gets a little older and we need to call it quits. Once again, this is so much fun seeing our kids doing all of these mundane, everyday things of life together...
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