Thursday, July 24, 2008

God Bless the Animals

Lauren even got in on the action. She liked watching the animals.

James wanted to go on a pony ride and talked about it all day on Tuesday, so we let him ride. We didn't know if he'd like it once it started moving, but he LOVED it. His pony's name was Hannah. He liked it so much he wanted to ride a second time and we let him. It was so fun watching him with these new experiences.

One of my old 5th grade students brought her cow out for James to pet.

James watched some kids feeding grass to one of the horses so he went over to pick his own. It was precious because the first time he just picked a few blades and the horse didn't even bother taking a bite. So grandpa helped pick some more and helped him keep his palm flat so the horse could eat. James thought that was just great. We went to another horse barn later where he found hay to feed the horses. He wasn't scared at all. Not even by their enormous teeth!!!

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