Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swimming Basics

The only way the instructor could get him to put for any effort in swimming the first few days was to have him chase after Nemo.

Kick, kick...splash, splash...

this is what they reiterated to him

He held on to the wake board and learned how to kick his feet pretty well.

James had a two week swim session where he learned everything he needed to know about swimming. Well, not really but he learned some basics and really seemed to enjoy himself. You'd never have known it by these pictures or by watching him as he kept the same serious, inquisitive look on his face the ENTIRE time. I just wanted to scream, "Show some emotion, kid!" He learned how to move his arms and kick his feet and they even put him under water each time. He wasn't so sure about that. They tried to convince him to jump off the diving board on the final day, but he wanted nothing to do with that. He just wanted to watch all of the older kids do it. He is definitely our "play it safe" child. He has LOTS of his daddy in him :) I'm sure he will enjoy them even more next summer. Both Lauren and James have an underwater photo shoot next week so hopefully that goes well. I'm excited but a bit nervous about putting Lauren underwater at this age. I'm the mom, I HAVE to worry. I will be sure to show you the pictures (that is if if all comes together- anything can happen with these two...)

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