Thursday, June 5, 2008

On to the Good Stuff

This is the smile she would give me when she saw the spoon coming toward her mouth
Well, we have officially started cereal and bananas! Hooray! Lauren has been very interested in people food for quite some time so we were hoping she would have the same interest in her baby food and...she did! She loved it! She wasn't completely sure what do with it the first few times it was in her mouth, but she quickly learned. As soon as it's in her mouth she starts smiling and the cereal starts coming out the sides. It's pretty funny. She gets happy when she sees the bib and bowl coming and even grabbed the spoon to feed herself. Hopefully she will like all of her vegetables just as well! :) James wanted to try some too so I told him to get a spoon of his own. I could have predicted the outcome. The look on his face when he took a bite was priceless and sheer disgust. I wished I would have captured it! But then a few minutes later he asked for more. Crazy boy...
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