Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Miss Independent

One of my favorite things about having two children is seeing them playing together! It's SO sweet. James will point out what toys are and hand them to her and she usually takes them which James gets a real kick out of! :)

This is her little gymnastics move

Well all in about a weeks time, Lauren started sitting up well by herself, eating baby food, and attempting to crawl. Wow, I sure didn't see the crawling part coming this soon! She is enjoying her new found freedom and loves playing with toys. Especially James' balls, toolbox, tools and tractors. It's so fun watching her gravitate toward so many new things. She loves grabbing books that James is reading. Our little Lou Lou enjoys toys more than James did and we are appreciated that tremendously! She isn't mobile enough that I have to watch her every minute, but she can get to the toys and things she needs to. It's fun to watch her excitement and it sure has helped her attachment issue with me now that she can entertain herself easily. YEAH FOR CRAWLING!!!
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